Map 2019 for Object Storage

December 2019

The Coldago Research Map 2019 for Object Storage is released. It lists and ranks 22 vendors playing

in the object storage market segment.


Companies listed by alpha order are: Caringo, Cloudian, Cohesity, CommvaultDDN, Dell EMC,

Fujitsu, Hitachi Vantara, Huawei, IBM, MinIO, NEC, NetApp, OpenIO, Pure Storage, Quantum,

Scality, Spectra Logic, SwiftStack, SUSE, VAST Data and Western Digital.


The Map unveils 6 leaders: Cloudian, Hitachi Vantara, IBM, MinIO, Pure Storage and NetApp.


We also detect 2 BlitzScalers(1) among these 22 vendors: MinIO and VAST Data.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Introduction

  • Market

  • Product and Technology Definitions

  • List of Vendors and Products

  • Product Segmentation

  • The Map

  • Vendors Details

  • Future Directions

  • Criteria and Methodologies

  • Map Definition

  • Conclusion


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Available for purchase ($4,490)


November 30th, 2019

Document #CR-2019-223-08

Lead Analyst Philippe Nicolas

(1) BlitzScaler refers to the book of Reid Hoffman, founder and former CEO of LinkedIn, titled “Blitzscaling”