Coldago Research is the research and analyst entity of Condor Consulting Group, a company founded in 2009 in Paris, France and now operated from San Francisco, CA. Coldago is specialized in Data Management and Storage Technologies sector thanks to almost 30 years of expertise of its lead analyst Philippe Nicolas.


Philippe Nicolas

Based in San Francisco, Philippe Nicolas observes the storage industry for almost 30 years. Recognized for his market expertise, he belongs to the top analysts in data management and storage. He is the founder and analyst at Coldago Research.


He’s often invited to provide advices to IT enterprises and investors and produces events such The IT Press Tour, The Innov Tour and others.


He has previously collaborated to the development of several companies at key moment in their growth, for instance at Scality, Brocade, Symantec, Veritas Software, SGI and Compaq.


He also drove the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) in France for almost 10 years and was European board director 4 years. He’s the author of 4 reference tutorials for the SNIA.


He writes frequently for Le Monde InformatiqueStorageNewsletter and in his 2 famous dedicated blogs File Storage and Continuous Data Protection launched in 2005 with more then 2000 posts as of today.


He’s reachable via his twitter handle @CDP_FST.

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