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Map - Definition

September 2023

The Map contains several indicators:

  • The x-axis is labeled vision and strategy and illustrates the company’s market needs analysis and go-to-market models to sustain rapid growth and leadership.

  • The y-axis is labeled execution and capabilities and means the company's force to convert the vision and real products and solutions based on clear directions and skilled teams. 

  • The 4 segments from left to right with Niches, Specialists, Challengers and Leaders. We invite the reader to refer to the criteria and methodologies section to understand the vendors’ positioning for each of these 4 segments.

    • Leaders part represents world champions confirming their status based on their installed base, technology directions, market vision and business strategy.

    • Challengers group comes after Leaders with companies having less visibility, reduced adoption and execution capabilities with the goal to become more global and adopted.

    • Specialists list arrives as the 3rd column and is used for companies with specific solutions but limited market adoption, often dedicated to a few verticals.

    • Niches area is reserved for recent vendors or very small ones with an attractive product but limited skills, vision, resources and execution capabilities.

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